Les Mains Sales [Dirty Hands]

MacDonald Pictures, 1951. Original French "affiche" poster the 1951 film, "Les Mains Sales" (released in the US and UK as "Dirty Hands"), based on the play, "Red Gloves" by Jean-Paul Sartre and directed by Ferdinand Rivers.

Sartre's original dialogue for this film and one other ("Respectful Prostitue" in 1952) constitute his complete contributions to world cinema. The original play made its debut on Broadway and starred Charles Boyer, and that role was assumed by Pierre Brasseur for the film version. An unsung gem of twentieth century French cinema, about a man who joins a subversive organization (modeled on communism, but unnamed) which then requires him to assasinate his college professor.

Near Fine condition, 47 x 63 inches, on archival linen.

[Book #108016]

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