Face of Fire [The Monster]

Los Angeles: Allied Artists, 1959. Draft Script for the 1959 film, "Face of Fire" (here still under its working title, "The Monster"), directed and written for the screen by Albert Band, based on the 1899 short story, "The Monster," by Stephen Crane, and starring Cameron Mitchell, James Whitmore, Royal Dano, Howard Smith, and Lois Maxwell.

One of the great (and until recently, unavailable) films from what may be the most creative and adventurous Poverty Row studios, Allied Artists, based on one of Stephen Crane’s last short stories. Henry Johnson, a handsome, intelligent handyman in a small town, saves a child from a burning building, only to incur brain damage and disfiguration of his face. His appearance and strange actions—including a visit to his former fiancee—lead to a panicked and fear-driven reaction by the townspeople. Screenwriter-director Albert Band, who penned the screenplay for John Huston's equally poignant adaptation of "The Red Badge of Courage" in 1951, shot the film on location in Sweden (substituting for small-town America), resulting in an eerie ambiance that brings to mind the best work of James Whale, Frank Borzage, and William Dieterle.

Blue agency wrappers, with the agency's label (now partially torn away) on the front wrapper, with a phone number (CRestview 1-6115) dating the document to the mid-late 1950s, prior to production of the film. Credits on the wrapper label for Band and Crane. Title page present, with credits matching those on the front wrapper. 125 leaves, mimeograph, rectos only. Pages and wrapper, Very Good, showing heavy use but completely intact, rear wrapper appears to have been replaced at some point early on, bound with three gold brads. In a custom quarter-leather clamshell box.

Martin 121.

[Book #115851]

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