Hollywood Cavalcade [Falling Stars: The Cavalcade of Hollywood]

Los Angeles: Twentieth Century-Fox, 1939. Revised Final Script for the 1939 film comedy, "Hollywood Cavalcade" (here titled both "Falling Stars: The Cavalcade of Hollywood"), directed by Irving Cummings and Malcolm St. Clair, written for the screen by Lou Breslow, Hilary Lynn, Brown Holmes, and Ernest Pascal, and starring Alice Faye, Don Ameche, and Buster Keaton (and many other stars of the silent film era).

"Hollywood Cavalcade" was a fictionalized history of silent films and the growth of the movie industry. Don Ameche portrays a character based on equal portions of Mack Sennett and D. W. Griffith, while Alice Faye's silent star is an amalgam of Mabel Normand and Gloria Swanson. Ameche breaks into pictures with slapstick comedies, initiating the first "pie throwing" scene, with Buster Keaton the thrower and Alice Faye the throw-ee. Thanks to Ameche, Faye becomes a major comedy star, appearing in wild Keystone Kops chase comedies. But success goes to Ameche's head, and soon he's staging elaborate Intolerance-like historical spectacles. On a level of accuracy, 'Hollywood Cavalcade' is for the birds, but it scores on its energetic performances and nostalgic appeal. As a bonus, several past movie greats appear in cameos: Al Jolson, Buster Keaton, Mack Sennett, Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Jimmy Finlayson, Hank Mann and even Rin Tin Tin Jr. [Hal Erickson]

Orange-red studio wrappers, stamped REVISED FINAL on the front wrapper, rubber-stamped copy No. 133, dated May 24, 1939, with a holograph notation of the film's final title ("Hollywood Cavalcade") just above the printed working title ("Falling Stars: The Cavalcade of Hollywood"), "Env. #1278" at the top right corner, and a small white label reading "Revised through 5/27/39" just below it. No distribution page present. Title page present, with a date matching the front wrapper. 175 leaves, mimeograph, with blue revision pages throughout, all dated 5/27/39. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Very Good or better with lightly worn edges and some evidence of erasure, bound with three gold brads.

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