Paris: Alcina / DisCina International, 1949. French theatrical release poster for the 1949 French film noir.

A stunning illustrated poster for the darkest (and oddly, least heralded) of Clouzot's noirs, as bleak and relentless as his best work. Transplanting an eighteenth century novel (Prévost's "Manon Lescaut") into the context of post-World War II France, Clouzot combines the urban environment of "Le Corbeau" with the cruelty of nature found in "The Wages of Fear." Here, though, the enemy is the desert rather than the jungle, a tale of two utterly doomed lovers

24 x 32 inches. Near Fine, rolled, on linen.

Buss, p. 17. Spicer, p. 454.

[Book #119209]

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