Defend My Love [I'll Defend You, My Love]

Giulio Macchi (director)
Giorgio Prosperi, Jacques Robert (screenwriters)
Martine Carol, Vittorio Gassman, Gabriele Ferzetti, Charles Vanel (starring)

London: Gala Film Distributors / Les Films Marceau, Circa 1956. Vintage black-and-white reference still photograph from the UK release of the 1956 Italian-French film, "Defend My Love." Notations on the verso in manuscript ink, including the film's working title, "I'll Defend You, My Love," and a distributor (UK) rubber stamp.

A reporter looking for a new story begins digging around in the past of a prominent banker's new wife. Before her marriage, she had been a secretary until her employer died by being poisoned. The reporter discovers that the woman had a daughter out of wedlock, a daughter whose father had apparently been killed at war. The banker becomes skeptical of his new bride upon publication of the reporter's story.

Shot by cinematographer Gianni Di Venanzo, notable for his work on classic films like "Love in the City" (1953), "Le amiche" (1955), "Big Deal on Madonna Street" (1958), "8 1/2" (1963), and "Bebo's Girl" (1964).

8 x 10 inches. Light foxing, else Near Fine.

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