Double Indemnity

Los Angeles: Paramount, 1944. American insert poster for the cornerstone 1944 film noir, "Double Indemnity," based on the novella by James M. Cain, written for the screen by Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder, and directed by Billy Wilder.

One of the cornerstones of American film noir, which set the template for hundreds of films that followed it. Raymond Chandler very famously went round and round with Billy Wilder in his first Hollywood scripting effort, and in the end the two had to call in James M. Cain before tempers could be settled. The results were worth the trouble. Fred McMurray goes bad, Barbara Stanwyck goes blonde, and Edward G. Robinson figures out what's going on.

14 x 36 inches. Two extremely faint folds, else an almost impossibly Fine example of a poster that has not been on the market in any form for nearly ten years.

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Price: $9,500.00