Los Angeles: Selznick International, 1945. Vintage photograph of Ingrid Bergman from Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 film noir. Taken from a dream sequence design for the film by Salvador Dali, wherein Bergman turns into a statue of the Roman goddess Diana. The sequence was set up, and possibly filmed, but does not appear in the final cut of the film. Shot by still photographer Madison Lacy.

Both Hitchcock and producer David O. Selznick were less than fond of Dali's ideas, and Bergman is quoted in David Spoto's Hitchcock biography, "The Dark Side of Genius," as saying that the Dali sequence ran for almost twenty minutes before much of it, including the Diana portion, was cut by Selznick. The cut footage no longer exists, and only a few of Lacy's production stills have survived.

This particular example, one of a purported 6 known shots from the unfilmed (or unused) portion of the dream sequence, shows the actress in a quintessentially sophisticated pose. It has become quite famous over time, and has been used repeatedly in books about Ms. Bergman, most recently on the rear cover of the 2008 Taschen book on Bergman in its "Movie Icons" series. Lacy's other work includes still photography for Erich von Stroheim's "The Wedding March," as well as promotional work for the films of Busby Berkeley.

8.5 x 7 inches. In an archival mat. Very Good, with some faint creasing from use, but no pinoles, tears, or loss.

Criterion Collection 136. Grant US. Hardy, The BFI Companion to Crime. Selby Canon US. Silver Classic Noir. Spicer US.

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