The Man in the Glass Booth

Los Angeles: Cinevision Ltee, 1974. Final script for the 1975 film, "The Man in the Glass Booth," directed by Arthur Hiller, based on the play by Robert Shaw, written for the screen by Edward Anhalt, and starring Maximilian Schell. In a custom quarter leather clamshell box.

A complex thriller built around a Jewish businessman who survived the concentration camps in World War II. Well-known for being bizarrely and viciously antisemitic, he is unexpectedly put on trial for reputed war crimes. The film version was initially disowned by the playwright, likely due to the near-riots and early closure of the play due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations over its meaning. Shaw changed his mind after seeing the finished film, but it was by that time too late to add his name to the credits, and he died a few years later. The film did quite well upon its release, and Maximilian Schell was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Almost completely unavailable for viewing in any form for nearly twenty years, the film has recently been remastered and released on DVD, and is considered by many to be a career performance for Schell.

Yellow titled wrappers, with titles stamped in silver on the front wrapper. Title page present, with a date of 4/10/74 and credits for Anhalt and Shaw. 107 leaves, mechanical duplication, with non-colored revision pages throughout, dated variously between 4/3/74 and 4/9/74. Pages Near Fine wrapper, Very Good plus bound with two gold brads.

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