Decision at Sundown

Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures, 1957. Original US one sheet poster for the third of Budd Boetticher's seven legendary Westerns with Randolph Scott, one of five released through Columbia.

Near the end of Randolph Scott's career, producer Harry Brown, Scott, and Boetticher began work on a series of intelligent films that would combine Scott's minimalist approach to acting with Boetticher's lean, spartan approach to filmmaking. The result was a canon of films today referred to as the "Ranown" cycle, a rich canon of films that form an incredibly strong stylistic whole. Boetticher's approach to storytelling was traditional in the sense that it involved traditional Western characters, but revisionist in that his protagonist invariably worked alone, and sought his own brand of morality rather than one established by tradition, government, and family. Apart from ardent fans of Westerns, the films went unrecognized by most until Martin Scorsese made a case for them in his 1995 BFI documentary, "A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies."

In this entry, Scott arrives a stranger in town on a vengeance mission, but over a course of twenty-four hours begins to discover things are not quite as he had believed, and that revenge will not be simple, nor necessarily even justified. Typical of these films, a Western with a seemingly traditional backdrop but a morally complex set of dilemmas.

27 x 41 inches (105 x 89 cm), linen-backed. Near Fine.

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