Walk Softly, Stranger

Hollywood: Dore Schary Productions / RKO Radio Pictures, 1950. Original one sheet poster for the 1950 film noir. An off-beat, low-key story that exists somewhere between crime story and romance, with a typically restrained Joseph Cotten as a petty crook with a heart of gold, trying desperately to reform, and Alida Valli (who shared an earlier bill with Cotten in "The Third Man") as a wheelchair-bound girl he meets at exactly the wrong time. One last heist awaits, and decisions have to be made. A striking poster from the classic noir cycle, a film completed in 1948 but not released until 1950. 27 x 41 inches (105 x 89 cm), linen-backed. Near Fine.

Neibaur 952. Selby US.

[Book #119234]

Price: $500.00