A unique collection of inscribed first editions and ephemera by Crispin Glover, from the collection of filmmaker Trent Harris, including Rat Catching, Oak Mot, and Concrete Inspection

Los Angeles: Volcanic Eruptions, 1988-1992. A collection of first editions and ephemera by Crispin Glover, from the collection of filmmaker Trent Harris. Included are Glover's first three avant-garde books, "Rat-Catching," "Oak Mott," and "Concrete Inspection," all of which were issued in limitations of 1000 copies, and are in this case each the best possible copy, numbered "-01," "0," and "0" respectively, and inscribed in the year of publication (with inscriptions that are colorful to say the least).

Also included is a proof of Glover's first book, "Rat-Catching," one of reportedly only a handful of copies created by Glover for promotion, in a much larger format than the resulting book, with each page in a plastic protector, bound with silver clasp-rings.

Last is an original poster for a 1979 signing event for Glover's first book. Harris directed a trio of short films between 1979 and 1985 now known as "The Beaver Trilogy," all featuring an eccentric character named "Groovin' Gary," a resident of Beaver, Utah, with whom the director was obsessed. "Gary" played himself in the first film ("The Beaver Kid," 1979), and was then represented by Sean Penn in the second film ("The Beaver Kid 2," 1981), and finally by Glover in the third installment ("The Orkly Kid," 1985).

Glover has continued to make books and films, along with live performance art, all of which challenge conventions and boundaries. His work has its roots in the avant-grade, the early work of Werner Herzog and Frederick Wiseman, and the his ongoing interest in the lives of American outsiders and outsider culture.

A remarkable collection of items by one of a challenging and significant artist, and an important association with one of his earliest collaborators.

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