Collection of three signed limited editions: Rat-Catching, Oak Mott, Concrete Inspection

Los Angeles: Volcanic Eruptions, 1988-1992. Collection of three First Editions of early works by Crispin Glover, “Rat-Catching,” “Oak Mott,” and “Concrete Inspection,” each creatively inscribed by Glover to filmmaker Trent Harris. Each title issued in limitation of 1000, these being numbered -01, 0, and 0, respectively, by Glover.

Included is a proof of “Rat-Catching,” also inscribed to Harris, and dated a year prior to publication. One of a reported handful of copies, made by laying Glover’s original text on a photocopier, such that each facing page in the published version is a single proof page. Housed in generic plastic sleeves, bound with silver clasp rings.

Also included is a vintage poster for the opening of “Crispin Glover’s Big Big Art Show,” held at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions on September 2, 1987, which included a book signing.

Best known as an actor in such films as “Back to the Future,” and “Charlie’s Angels,” Glover is also a filmmaker and artist, with an interest in experimental work, particularly dealing with outsiders and outsider cultures. His books are created by taking existing, public domain texts, such as using the 1896 nonfiction book “Studies in the Art of Rat-Catching” as the source for “Rat-Catching,” and altering the original by overwriting existing text or writing new text in ink, as well as cut up and collage techniques. The results in the formation of a new narrative which modifies and re-contextualizes the original text.

Harris is an independent, experimental filmmaker, best known for his “Beaver Trilogy,” a series of short films about real life eccentric “Groovin’ Gary,” the first, “The Beaver Kid” (1979), being a documentary featuring Gary as himself, the second and third films existing somewhere between remakes, dramatizations, and expansions of the original concept, starring Sean Penn as Gary in “The Beaver Kid 2” (1981), and Glover as Gary in “The Orkly Kid” (1985).

An interesting and important association between two contemporary experimental filmmakers and collaborators.

First Editions, Fine in illustrated boards.

Uncorrected proof and poster, Near Fine.

[Book #119632]

Price: $3,000.00