A WKCR Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall

Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Cale, Leroy Jenkins (artists)

New York: Carnegie Hall, 1979. Original poster for a WKCR Benefit Concert held at Carnegie Hall on April 1, 1979, featuring Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Cale, Leroy Jenkins, The Model Citizens, and others.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Carnegie Hall—as well as forward-looking radio stations such as WKCR and WNYC—hosted a number of important performances by Steve Reich, some of which were formal debuts (e.g., "Music for 18 Musicians" in October 1978), and others that were creative combinations of important avant-garde artists (Sun Ra, John Ashbery, David van Tieghem). This particular performance brought together a stellar grouping that included classical composers (Philip Glass), art rockers (John Cale), and avant-garde jazz (Leroy Jenkins). One of a number of events produced by critic and historian Tim Page.

23 x 35 inches. Rolled. Fine.

[Book #121054]