The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1929. Treatment script for the 1929 film. The first Sherlock Holmes film to have been produced with sound, and the first to include the Holmes utterance, "Elementary, my dear Watson" (a phrase never used by Doyle), though that statement regrettably does not appear in this draft.

The first known treatment was written by Oliver P. Garrett, followed by this one, scripted by F. Hugh Herbert, and the final writing credits went to Garrett Fort and director Basil Dean. This treatment differs substantially from the finished film, and is more faithful to Doyle's source material. A rare surviving artifact from the great detective's earliest days on the screen.

Sherlock Holmes wears a number of disguises to solve the murder of a Captain.

Tall white self-wrappers, noted as Outline treatment on the front wrapper, stamped production No. 1491 and noted as Master File, dated May 21, 1929, with credits for screenwriter F. Hugh Herbert. 52 leaves, with last page of text numbered 52. Mimeograph duplication, rectos only. Pages Very Good, wrapper Very Good, bound with two staples.

[Book #121976]