Now in Release from Andy Warhol Films, Inc.

New York: Factory Films, 1968. An advertisement for Andy Warhol's films that were in release via his production company, Factory Films, printed in 1968. A two-part construction, with a portrait-style card featuring Warhol's face in front; a card wheel to the rear, attached at the center, moves so that the film's title appears in a die-cut hole in Warhol's mouth, along with an associated lurid scene in another hole in Warhol's eye.

The films advertised are all seminal middle-period Warhol-directed films made between 1965 and 1968, and include "My Hustler" (originally titled "Temptation") (1965), "Chelsea Girls" (1966), "I, a Man" (1967), "Bike Boy" (1967), "The Nude Restaurant" (1967), "Imitation of Christ" (1967), "**** (four stars)" (1967), "Loves of Ondine" (1968), and "Lonesome Cowboys" (1968).

8.5 x 9 inches. Fine condition.

[Book #122149]

Price: $2,750.00