Fear of Music

1979. Original poster promoting the release of the 1979 album, the band's second collaborative effort with Brian Eno.

Like its predecessor, "More Songs about Buildings and Food," "Fear of Music" accomplished several things at once. A rollicking (and today classic) single, "Life During Wartime" put the record immediately in the black, but at the same time the band took major stylistic steps forward, evidenced the most by the leading track, "I Zimbra," incorporating loops and African grooves appropriated and/or created by Eno and Byrne (the two also worked that year on the now-classic ambient record, "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts").

In 1979, the idea of sampling was new and not in the least trivial, as bits of magnetic tape had to literally be cut and spliced by hand in order to overlay sounds from other sources onto new material, and both this record and "Ghosts" were time-intensive, groundbreaking efforts not just in pop music, but in the world of textured and forward-looking music in general.

35 x 23 inches. Rolled, on archival linen. Fine.

Pitchfork 100.

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