Archive of correspondence from the author regarding his writing process, and regarding the publication of the 1987 collection, "The Annex and Other Stories"

N.p. N.p., 1953-1986. A curated collection of 9 typed letters signed written by John D. MacDonald to various serious inquiries from readers all over the world regarding his fiction, as well as some correspondence with the Finnish publisher Eurographica (who published "The Annex and Other Stories in 1987), all dating between 1953 and 1986. Quite strong in content, the letters show a thoughtful side of a writer who was generally very quiet about his process.

Among the topics addressed in the letters are: the novels with which he was the most pleased ("The End of the Night," "Slam the Big Door," "Please Write for Details," "A Key to the Suite," and "The Last One Left"), the number of his books he believes to have sold as of April 1986 (90,000,000), a philosophical discussion about appraisals of an author's enduring merit ("a delusion"), a fascinating and detailed discussion of his process for conceiving a new novel ("I have thrown away beginnings which were stronger than the one eventually used"), a detailed response to a request from a Finnish publisher about which stories to put in an anthology, and an explanation regarding the location of his archives and "professional materials."

One sentence from a 1986 letter would appear to sum up the author's attitude about his craft the best: "I really like writing...were my books unsalable I would do them anyway, and then bury them in the back yard."

Letters are all Near Fine, some on MacDonald's stationery, some with his typed address at the top left, all dated.

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