A Night to Remember [Atlantique Latitude 41 Degrees]

London: The Rank Organization, 1958. French theatrical release poster for the seminal 1958 British docudrama, "A Night to Remember," here under it's French title, "Atlantique Latitude 41 Degrees."

Probably the most distinctive poster produced for the film. Novelist Ambler and director Baker set out to make a film that depicted the sinking of the Titanic as accurately as possible, with no added fictional subplots. In addition to being massively entertaining, the film is today held in high regard by "Titanic" historians, compared to the more melodramatic (and big-budget) take by James Cameron in 1997.

Director Baker noted in a 1991 interview, "The whole purpose of making the film was to show a society [that] had persuaded itself that you could make a ship which could never to be sunk."

34 x 52 inches, on archival linen, Fine condition.

Criterion Collection 7. McFarlane p. 51.

[Book #125081]

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