Blonde Bait

Elmo Williams (director)
Val Guest, Richard H. Landau (screenwriters)
Beverly Michaels, Jim Davis (starring)

Beverly Hills, CA: Associated Film Releasing Corporation, 1956. Vintage US pressbook for the 1956 British film noir, originally released by Hammer Films in the UK as "Women Without Men" and retitled "Blonde Bait" for the US release.

An interesting B-noir from the Poverty Row canon. Associated Film Releasing re-edited "Women Without Men," a 1956 Hammer Films production, with Beverly Michaels as a prison stool pigeon, but edited in Jim Davis as a murderous traitor (Paul Carpenter held the same role for its release in the UK).

12 x 14 inches. Very Good plus, with several short tears at one edge, and light stressing to the folds.

[Book #125335]