Stranger Than Paradise

Los Angeles: Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1984. Style A one sheet poster for the 1984 film. First issue, printed in black and brown (later reproductions are in black and white) and measuring 27 x 41 inches (105 x 89 cm). Later reproductions measure 40 inches in length. This variant shows the film's trio in and around their sturdy automobile, at the end of their journey in a warm climate, with palm trees in the distance.

Director Jim Jarmusch's first effort, "Permanent Vacation" (1980), was his final thesis at New York University's film school. As with the earliest films of Jean-Pierre Melville and David Lynch, he then spent four years making "Stranger than Paradise," shooting as money allowed.

One of the most evocative pairs of film posters produced in the 1980s, the stunning breakthrough of an auteur who both understood his masters and paved the way for a new kind of cinema.

27 x 41 inches (105 x 89 cm). Archivally linen-backed and rolled. Fine.

National Film Registry. Criterion Collection 400. Emily King, p. 155.

[Book #125404]

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