Casey at the Bat [Le Chavlier de la balle] and Rough House Rosie [Un direct au coeur]

Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1927. French pressbooks for two 1927 American silent films dealing with American sports: "Rough House Rosie" with Clara Bow (women's boxing) and "Casey at the Bat" (baseball).

"Rough House Rosie" was made at the height of Clara Bow's reign as queen at Paramount, and is today a lost film. "Casey at the Bat" is based on the poem of the same name by Ernest Thayer, translated directly to slapstick by the able Beery.

Each pressbook in two-color, saddle-stapled self-wrappers, 4 pages, with decidedly French illustrations for theater owners' use throughout. Near Fine.

[Book #125857]