Original promotional photograph of Curtis Mayfield, circa 1970

New York: The International Famous Agency / Curtdom / Buddah [Buddha] Records, circa 1970. Original press kit photograph of African-American songwriter, singer, and musician Curtis Mayfield, issued during the period of promotion for Mayfield's first solo record after parting ways with The Impressions, "Curtis."

After leaving The Impressions, Mayfield built on his already formidable status as a performer and songwriter by creating the Curtom label (on which "Curtis" was issued), as well as the Mayfield and Windy City record labels. The Curtom label, at first independent, was distributed by Buddah Records (today Buddha Records). Mayfield's first venture as a solo artist was handled by the formidable International Famous Agency, which merged in 1975 with International Creative Management, today still one of the largest music agencies in the world.

The credits on this photograph are key to the above, as credit for all three entities (Curtom, Buddah, and the International Famous Agency) is given, along with Mayfield's then-manager, Marv Stuart. Stuart remained with Mayfield for the next 30 years, and inducted Mayfield into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1999.

A key piece of ephemera, representing Mayfield at the very beginning of a solo career that would define African-American rhythm and blues throughout the 1970s.

Fine condition.

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