Let's Go Playmates

N.p. N.p., ca. 1977. Original manuscript by Joey Ramone for an unrecorded Ramones song, "Let's Go Playmates," executed by the punk legend in holograph pencil on both the recto and verso of a legal size sheet of lined notebook paper. The lyrics appear in every orientation, a beautiful, messy gathering of ideas—some crossed through—rather than a finished song. They read, variously: (Recto) "Let's go playmates / Hey man / Cool man / Pretty cool / Hey Mommy / Take a bath / Get a job / What is it / Hey got my ludes man / Tell me my son / Flies flies / As I live and breathe / Get me / Buy me / Do for me / Hey what's in it fer me / Get with it / Tell me / What does minimalism me to you". Verso: "Does this life look interestin to you well you too can [have] all this and more / Not another fly / Im so cold / No no no".

A rare example of the songwriting process of a writer for a band whose work stands not only at the top of the punk ladder, but really in a realm of its own. The manuscript is not dated, but judging from the content it could not have been written after 1978, though probably not prior to the 1977. The final lyric, "Does this life look interestin to you," puts it right on the borderline between the band's early fun-drug-crazed songs and the later, more goofily philosophical ones. In any case, one hell of a piece of paper.

Lined legal size notebook paper, 8 x 12.5 inches. Fine.

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