Fritz Lang (director)
Jay Dratler (screenwriter)
David O. Selznick (producer)

Los Angeles: Selznick International, 1945. Incomplete First Draft Shooting script for an unproduced film called "Daybreak," written for screen by Jay Dratler, whose film credits include "Laura" (1944), "The Dark Corner" (1946), "Call Northside 777" (1948), "Pitfall" (1948), and "Impact" (1949).

Fritz Lang's only effort with Selznick, also known as "Dawning." Intended for Ingrid Bergman, the project was called off after four weeks of work, supposedly because Bergman had decided to take on a different project. In truth, there was also a fair bit of conflict between Lang and Selznick, and the contract ultimately led to no produced work.

A story set on "Gray Island," just after WWII, involving a rich art collector, Stefan Korvath, and his blind wife, Nina, and the roaming painter, Chris Bartlett, who falls in love Nina.

Salmon titled wrappers, noted as 1st Draft Shooting Script, and "incomplete," on the front wrapper, dated 1/3/45 and 2/28/45, with a credit for screenwriter Dratler. 69 leaves, with last page of text numbered 69. Carbon typescript, dated variously between 1/3/45 and 1/9/45. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, bound with three gold brads.

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