The Spiral Staircase [Some Must Watch]

Culver City, CA: Selznick International Pictures / RKO Radio Pictures, 1945. Early Treatment script for the 1945 film, here under its working title, "Some Must Watch." An early treatment by Mel Dinelli, basically a sketch of what would become a much more developed screenplay, offering significant insight into the early development process.

Based on the 1933 novel "Some Must Watch" by Ethel Lina White. One of the best "old dark house" noirs, with Hitchcockian touches both in terms of being a thriller and in terms of multiple insidious characters, all placed in the expert care of Robert Siodmak.

Blue titled wrappers, with a credit for screenwriter Dinelli and dated January 20, 1945. Title page integral with the first page of the script. 19 leaves, mimeograph duplication. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, small rust stain from an old paper clip, bound with three silver brads.

Hardy, The BFI Companion to Crime. Neibaur 806. Selby US. Silver Classic Noir. Spicer US.

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