Archive of 74 pressbooks and ad supplements for hardcore adult films made between 1966-1987

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1966-1987. An archive of 74 pressbooks and ad supplements for hardcore adult films released between 1966-1987, including a few foreign releases.

A broad spectrum of advertising material for films screening strictly in adult theaters, mostly from the pre-video era. Design approach varies widely: early pressbooks were issued in black-and-white, then in two-color, then four-color, typically using a glossy finish rather than matte. The pressbooks vary in size, but generally hold to a format similar to that of a large tabloid, between 11 x 17 inches and 13 x 18 inches.

Film studios issued pressbooks to exhibitors and theater companies to promote their upcoming releases and to educate the public with information on the stars of the film, with suggested blurbs for reviewers and campaigns to further publicity and interest surrounding the release. Often two or more films were represented in one pressbook (as is the case here in a few examples), a cost-saving measure for smaller film studios and distributors. Often included with the pressbook was an ad supplement, generally a single loose leaf placed inside the pressbook, carrying various ad mat examples for the prospective wholesale buyer. Many of the pressbooks included in this archive retain original supplements, and several examples of ad supplements without their respective pressbook are also present. Supplements for adult film pressbooks were for the most part issued in a standard letter size format (8.5 X 11 inches), and were often distributed independently as flyers.

The archive represents advertising material for hardcore films from a number of different pornographic and B-movie studios during the pre-video era, and contains films focusing on a diverse subject matter, including group sex, nymphomania, voyeurism (a pressbook for one of the earliest point-of-view films is included), both male and female homosexuality, transsexualism, and more, with several examples of each present.

The years covered by the pressbooks in this collection represent the Golden Era of Porn, a significant period in the history of adult films, where the movies and stars achieved a certain degree of cultural chic with the public at large. The pressbooks reflect the growing popularity and mainstreaming of the industry, with the later examples featuring four-color printing rather than black and white, and more elaborate production, while at the same time displaying explicit images from the film, rather than the partial or censored nudity of the earlier books.

Pressbooks representing a number of popular adult film stars are also present, including AVN Hall of Fame member Paul Thomas, star and director of over 800 films, here represented by A Scent of Heather (1980, Praexis Productions), Robin's Nest (1980, Ashton Films), and The Ecstasy Girls (1979, distributed by Leisure Time Booking), Sulka, an early transsexual adult film star, who performed both pre- and post-operation in Sulka’s Wedding (1984), Marilyn Chambers, one of the top adult film stars of the twentieth century (and one of the first to crossover into mainstream films), featured in two ad supplements for her film, Insatiable (1980), which featured fellow-star (and inspiration for the character of Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights) John Holmes, who is also represented in the archive by Lollipop Palace (1976, Lollipix), Sweet Punkin' I Love You (1976, here as Sweet Punkin', its video release title), and Anomalies: A World of Dreams (1970, in an ad supplement, as Anomalies.), and, finally, perhaps the prominent male porn actor of all-time, Ron Jeremy, featured in pressbooks for Babe (1981, Big Apple Productions), The Pink Ladies (1981, Ace Booking Service), Scoundrels and Foxtrot (both 1982, Command Cinema Corporation), Lilith Unleashed (1985, VCA), Bodacious Ta'Ta's (1985), and with Sulka in Sulka's Wedding (1984).

Foreign films are also present in the archive, with important examples including The Pleasure Shoppe (1983, Germany), While the Cat’s Away (1972, Canada), and Education of the Baroness (1977, France).

Finally, several significant early pornographic films are represented, including Bobbie Davis’ Dingle, Dangle (1966), Jerry Denby’s Whip’s Women (1967), and an obscure film involving abortion called Charlene’s Injustice (1969).

All pressbooks and supplements are Very Good to Near Fine in original studio wrappers and prints, most saddle-stapled but some simply folded, a number with inserts. For complete details on all the titles in the collection, please inquire.

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