12 [Twelve] to the Moon

Los Angeles: Luna Productions, 1959. Shooting Final script for the 1960 film.

An expertly shot, low-budget space exploration film, about a cozy spaceship carrying scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world, with the moon as their destination. Captain John Anderson (Clark) juggles a crew with a variety of nationalities, dealing in particular with conflicts between the German and Israeli crew members over Holocaust issues. Once on the moon, the crew discovers an entire civilization of peace-loving extraterrestrials.

Though working with a pitiable budget, the producers at Luna Productions managed to hire noted cameraman John Alton, then nearing the end of his career. Alton worked on every manner of film, but is best remembered for his work in film noir, salient examples being "Hollow Triumph" (1948), "The Amazing Mr. X" (1948), "The Big Combo" (1955), and a number of important noir entries by director Anthony Mann.

Red titled wrappers, noted as SHOOTING FINAL on the front wrapper, dated March 31, 1959. Title page present, dated March 31, 1959, with credits for screenwriter Bodeen, story writer/producer F. O. Gebhardt, director Bradley, and associate producer Fox. 104 leaves, mimeograph duplication. Pages about Fine, wrapper about Fine bound internally with three gold brads.

Lentz US. Mystery Science Theater 524.

[Book #130326]

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