The Spiral Staircase

Culver City, CA: Selznick International / RKO Radio Pictures, 1961. Post-production Combined 16mm Continuity script for the 1961 re-release of the 1945 film. Based on the 1933 novel, "Some Must Watch," by Ethel Lina White.

Based on the 1933 novel "Some Must Watch" by Ethel Lina White. One of the best "old dark house" noirs, with Hitchcockian touches both in terms of being a thriller and in terms of featuring multiple insidious characters, all placed in the expert care of Robert Siodmak.

Tall pale green titled wrappers, without rear wrapper, dated May 9th, 1961, noting 3 reels and footage of 2989 feet. Mimeograph duplication. Near Fine.

[Book #130381]