Avant-Garde Films presented by The Gryphon Film Group at the Living Theatre in New York, April 27th, 1959

New York: The Living Theatre, 1959. Original poster for a night of avant-garde films hosted by the Gryphon Film Group at the Living Theatre on April 27, 1959. Filmmakers were present to introduce their works, including Stan Brakhage with his landmark short "Desistfilm" (1954).

The Gryphon Film Group was founded by Marie Menken and her husband Willard Maas in the mid-1950s with the help of Charles Boultenhouse and Gregory Markopoulos. It was one of the earliest attempts, with Amos and Marcia Vogel's Cinema 16, at setting up a experimental film society in the United States. The group's primary interest was furthering the poetic and lyrical qualities of film, often focusing on the perception of corporeality, which is reflected in the films presented, both of the human form, in "Geography of the Body" (Maas, 1943), and sculpted object, "Visual Variations on Noguchi" (Menken, 1945).

Poster 8.5 x 12 inches. Near Fine.

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