A Nice Girl Like Me

London: Anglo-Embassy Productions, 1968. Draft British script for the 1969 UK film. From the collection of still photographer Bob Willoughby.

Bob Willoughby (1927-2009) studied with Saul Bass at the Kann Institute of Art in Los Angeles, worked as a photographer for magazines such as "Life," "Look," and "Harper's Bazaar," and as a set photographer for every major studio, documenting some of most important films of the era and creating intimate portraits of some of Hollywood's greatest celebrities.

Willoughby moved his family to County Cork, Ireland in 1972, working on only a handful of films through the late 1970s and early 1980s (this was one of his final films), though he would continue to photograph, exhibit, and publish books for the remainder of his life.

Based on Anne Piper's 1959 novel, "Marry at Leisure," about Candida (Ferris), who goes to live with her relatives after the death of her father. Bored with life, she leaves for Paris where she meets a young student and becomes pregnant, but keeps the baby a secret from her family. Bored, yet again, with life, she leaves for Italy, where she meets an American, and is soon pregnant again. As she leaves Italy, a woman gives her baby to Candida at the train station. So with two babies and one on the way, her life is unraveling quickly, and her only confidant is Savage (Andrews), the caretaker of her late father.

Pink titled wrappers with a die-cut title window in the British style. Title page present, dated July 1968, with credits for screenwriter and novelist Piper and screenwriter Davis. 113 leaves, mechanical duplication on eye-rest green stock. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Very Good bound internally with two silver brads.

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