Little Caesar

Burbank, CA: First National Pictures / Warner Brothers, 1931. Vintage black-and-white reference photograph from the 1931 film. With a typewritten snipe affixed to the verso, as issued.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay, one of the first (and still, few) genre films to receive a nod. A classic of crime cinema, foundational to much of what would come, both in crime films and film noir. The ambitious criminal Rico moves from the country to the big city in the east and joins Sam Vettori's gang with his friend Joe Massara. Sooner he becomes the leader of the gangsters and known as Little Caesar, and gets closer to the great mobster Pete Montana. In a robbery of a night-club, he kills the Crime Commissioner Alvin McClure and his pal Joe witnesses the murder. When Rico orders Joe to leave his mistress Olga Strassoff, she takes a serious decision.

8 x 10 inches. Very Good plus.

National Film Registry.

[Book #131635]

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