Play It Again, Sam

New York: Sabinson, 1969. Vintage black-and-white still photograph from the 1969 Broadway play, written by and starring Woody Allen, as well as Allen's first production with a young Diane Keaton.

"Play It Again, Sam" was the third play by Woody Allen to be staged on Broadway (following "From A to Z" in 1960 and "Don't Drink the Water" in 1966). It was also the first—and last—play in which he would star, choosing to permanently invest his persona in his own films. The play was notable too as the debut of Diane Keaton (featured in one of the photos here), who would reprise her role in the 1972 film version and go on to be Allen's most famous muse.

The play opened at the Broadhurst Theatre on February 12, 1969, and ran for a healthy 453 performances, closing on March 14, 1970. About a year later, "Bananas" directed by and starring Allen, would be released, the screen debut of the Woody Allen "Allan Felix" persona developed for this play, and one whose variations would grace innumerable films for decades to come.

8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm). Fine.

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