Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Pictures, 2000. Archive of two scripts for the 2000 film, including the shooting script with blue and pink revisions bound in, and yellow revisions bound separately, with the studio's production number rubber stamped randomly on the pages throughout. Copy belonging to Bruce Willis' stand-in, Allen Strange, with a detailed (and nicely anecdotal) typed letter signed providing provenance. With director Shyamalan's initials signing off on the script on the last leaf of the shooting script.

An interesting insight into a quiet auteur film that has become a cult favorite, here evidenced as the result of some extreme editing. This early draft shows numerous differences between what Shyamalan shot and what made the finished film. Staneruck notes that "Many of the scenes that were shot, which in my opinion were stunningly great, were discarded after rewrites and lost in the editing ... [one] incredible sequence that was cut [shows] ... Bruce [Willis] in the shower, naked...slowly overcome by emotion and breaks down crying." Staneruck also describes a very expensive shot of the train crash, "which was on a 3 axis gimble, with 20 stunt people falling about and dying violently. A Big Bucks scene. Gone."

Self wrappers. Title page present, dated march . twenty second . two thousand, noted as shooting script, with credits for screenwriter Shyamalan. 129 leaves, mechanical duplication, with pink and blue revision pages throughout, dated either April 7, 2000 or April 12, 2000, with 37 yellow revision pages laid in, dated April 28, 2000. Pages about Near Fine, bound with two silver screw brads.

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