London Town

Wesley Ruggles (director)
Val Guest, Siegfried Herzig, Elliot Paul (screenwriters)
Sid Field, Greata Gynt, Petula Clark, Kay Kendall (starring)

London: Eagle-Lion Distributors, 1953. Vintage black-and-white still photograph from the 1953 UK film. Features Tessie O'Shea. Mimeograph snipe affixed to the verso. Rubber-stamped on the verso by the distributors and the photography studio, Cannons.

An aging stage performer heads to London to be the star of a new show, but when another performer is given the lead role, his daughter sets up a scheme to get him back in the limelight.

7.5 x 9.5 inches. Very Good plus, with discoloration from the glue on the verso.

[Book #132111]