Das Schweigen [The Silence]

Germany: P. R. Wilk, Ffm. / Atlas Film, 1965. Original German A1 poster for the 1965 Swedish film.

From the collection of noted film historian Amos Vogel. Full provenance available.

The third entry in Bergman's trilogy about faith and redemption (preceded by "Through A Glass Darkly" and "Winter Light"). A stark and enigmatic allegory fueled by subtle performances from Ingrid Thulin and Gunnel Lindblom. Thulin plays Ester, a translator and intellectual, who is traveling back to Sweden on a train with her younger sister Anna (Linblom) and Anna's son Johan (Jorgen Lindstrom). They stop in the town of Timuku and check into an old hotel in a foreign land where the local dialect cannot be understood. Ester, who suffers from a terminal lung disease, is very protective towards Anna; but Anna resents being tied down by her sickly sister, and leaves the hotel room, picking up a waiter (Birger Malmsten) in a nearby cafe. Returning to the hotel room, Anna tells Ester about her sexual encounter with the waiter, and Ester becomes sexually aroused. Anna leaves for another room in the hotel to continue making love with the waiter. Johan helps Ester track Anna down Anna, and Anna and the waiter proceed to make love a third time, provoking a violent and bitter argument between the sisters. Regarded as one of the most sexually provocative films of its day.

23 x 33 inches, non-archivally mounted on board and framed. Very Good or better.

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Criterion Collection 211.

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