Where Love Has Gone

Edward Dmtryk (director)
Harold Robbins (novel)
John Michael Hayes (screenwriter)
Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Michael Connors, Joey Heatherton (starring)

Hollywood: National Screen Service / Paramount Pictures, 1965. Collection of 6 vintage British front-of-house cards from the 1965 UK release of the 1964 US film.

Another steamy drama based on a Harold Robbins novel (1962), about the murder of one man's ex-wife's new lover, at the hand of his teenage daughter, with obvious parallels between this film and the actual murder of Johnny Stompanato, Lana Turner's ex-lover and victim of stabbing by her daughter, Cheryl Crane.

8 x 10 inches. Faint creases overall, else Near Fine.

[Book #132638]