Archive of 10 posters from Ray Bradbury plays

Los Angeles: Pandemonium Theatre Company, 1988-2004. An archive of 10 original posters for productions staged by Ray Bradbury's Pandemonium Theatre Company from 1988 to 2004. The plays were performed in Southern California, predominantly at The Court Theatre, Falcon Theatre, Theatre West, The Raven Playhouse, and Melrose Theatre.

The archive includes posters from 10 productions, including "Fahrenheit 451," "The October Country," "Past, Present & Future," "The Time of Going Away," and "Drunk and In Charge of a Bicycle." and his Irish play "Falling Upward!" "Falling Upward!" was one of Bradbury's favorite plays, and especially as he advanced in age he was know to encourage its frequent production simply for the joy of being able to see it again.

Bradbury was an avid playwright and a familiar and enthusiastic presence in the Southern California theatre circuit near his home. In 1963 he and director Charles Rome Smith founded Pandemonium Theatre Company. The two friends would go on to work with the company together for the next four decades, until Rome's death in 2004. This archive is a solid representation of the company's latter half, before Smith's passing and Bradbury's hearing loss, which would necessitate that he stop attending performances.

Posters approximately 11 x 17 inches. About Fine condition.

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