Beverly Hills, CA: Walter Shenson Films / United Artists, 1965. Collection of four vintage black-and-white still photographs from the release of the 1965 British-American film.

All four of the boys wonderfully represented here, gals in tow, having a fine time on the ice (John and George), in the jungle (Paul), in a bubble car (George), and on top of a tank (everyone).

Richard Lester's auteur take on the Fab Four propelled United Artists far into the black at a time when most of the aging Hollywood executives had never even heard of the Beatles. As with "A Hard Day's Night" the year before, a wonderful intersection of pop, youthful innocence, culture shift, and legend-making.

Shot on location in London, Liverpool, Buckinghamshire, throughout Middlesex, and in Salzburg, Austria.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #133010]

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