The Chosen [Holocaust 2000]

Moore Park, Australia: Embassy Pictures, 1977. Draft script for the 1977 British film, here under the working title "Holocaust 2000." Laid in are additional 18 pages of production documents on legal size blue, pink, and goldenrod stock.

About as good as 1970s exploitation gets. Kirk Douglas is a wealthy industrialist, a fervent believer in the benefit of nuclear power to all mankind. On the verge of retiring and handing down a massive global collection of nuclear power plants to his son, Angel, he begins to believe that Angel may be the Antichrist.

A co-production between Italy and the UK, set in the Middle East, shot on location in Devon, England and studios in Middlesex and Rome.

Orange titled wrappers with a die-cut title window in the British style. Title page present, dated 14 April 1977, with credits for screenwriters Donati, Robson, and Herbert. 140 leaves, mimeograph duplication, with blue, green, pink, and goldenrod revision pages and production notes laid in, dated variously between April 18th 1977 and 11.5.7. Pages Very Good plus, wrapper Very Good plus bound internnally with two silver brads.

[Book #133020]