John Boorman, Vilmos Zsigmond, and Jon Voight on the set of "Deliverance"

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1972. Three striking vintage photographs from the 1972 film, picturing variously director John Boorman, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, Jon Voight, and others working on location along the Cahulawassee River in Georgia, the setting for most of the film.

A seminal entry in the early days of the New Hollywood cinema movement. As with "Point Blank" in 1967, British director John Boorman demonstrated a stunning instinct for American idioms and even American cultural undercurrents. And perhaps most importantly of all, he had the stuff required to order the book's author James Dickey off the set.

The photograph with Zsigmond, Boorman, and Voight is in a custom museum-quality frame, archivally mounted, with UV glass. The other two photographs accompany the set, and are unframed. All 3 photographs 8 x 10 inches, one photograph with a snipe at the verso, the other two with brief text at the bottom margin.

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