Spectro-Mach 1 production archive

New York: Filmmakers' Cinematheque, 1965. An archive of two original posters for Don Snyder's multi-media presentation, "Spectro-Mach 1," along with extensive manuscript annotations, diagrams, and charts. Instructions include visual and aural cues for projectionists and musicians, detailed instructions for presentation sequence (numbered 1 to 13 across the versos of the two posters), random project development annotations, and a handwritten note with event information.

"Spectro-Mach 1" was a largely undocumented collaborative multimedia performance developed by Don Snyder, featuring poet and musician Angus MacLise, Ralph Metzner, co-author of "The Psychedelic Experience," and John Cale. Inspired by the psychedelic environments of Gerd Stern and Michael Callahan’s "USCO," Snyder incorporated minimalist music, similar to MacLise and Cale's work with Theatre of Eternal Music, with hypnotic visuals and repetitive actions. This work proved influential on Andy Warhol's "Up-Tight," which premiered at the Filmmakers' Cinematheque two months later.

Snyder was a prolific and highly influential photographer. His most famous collection of photographs, "Aquarian Odyssey" (Liveright, 1979), chronicles utopian communities in New York, New England, and San Francisco in the 1960s and the personalities that fueled them, but it narrowly represents his career, which was furiously active and varied since his start in the late 50s. He was also regarded as a master printer, and struck photographs for Eugene Smith, Diane Arbus, and Gerard Malanga.

Posters 9 x 14.5 inches, letterpress, folded. Typescripts 8.5 x 11 inches, folded. Manuscript cue charts 8.5 x 11 inches. Event information sheet 4 x 4 inches. All material is supple, with some expected wear from use, Very Good overall.

Gerard Malanga, "Don Snyder, 1934-2010," Berkshire Fine Arts.

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