Robert Bresson on the set of "Le proces de jeanne d'arc" [The Trial of Joan of Arc]

N.p. N.p., Circa 1959-1960. Vintage borderless photograph from the 1962 film by photographer Andre Marinie. A candid, on-the-set photograph of the film's reclusive director, Robert Bresson, behind the camera, typically pensive and with cigarette in hand. Marinie's stamp and stamp from the film's production companies, Agnes Delahaie Productions and Consortium
Pathe on the verso.

Linda Rasmussen at AllMovie notes: "Characteristically breaking with tradition, director Robert Bresson presents a realistic, unique view of the life and death of Joan of Arc. Using a script based on the actual transcript notes taken during her trial, Bresson focuses on the psychological and physical torture that Joan had to endure, showing how these techniques were used to break her resolve and cause her to eventually recant her faith.

"With impeccable historical accuracy Bresson re-creates the story of the peasant girl who, after leading an unsuccessful revolt against the government, was brought to trial, convicted of heresy, and burned as a witch. However, Bresson shows Joan (Florence Carrez) as a woman more sophisticated and calculating and less naive than she has normally been represented. His Joan, while more real, is no less heroic than the traditional Joan."

In a custom museum-quality frame, archivally mounted, with UV glass. 9.5 x 7.25 inches. Near Fine.

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