Parachute to Paradise

New York: American Broadcasting Company [ABC], 1968. Revised Draft script for the unreleased 1969 film, "Parachute to Paradise," with a single notation on the title page. Written for screen by Allan Gittler, the New York-based minimalist designer of electric guitars, and a virtuoso musician, who later changed his name to Avraham Bar Rashi. Gittler was a film editor in New York during the 1960s and 1970s, patented a photographic printer for motion pictures, wrote a novel called "The Rose-Colored View," and made an 18-minute short film called "New York, New York, New York," comprised of 700 photo stills, and a score that he and jazzman Elvin Jones composed. He died in 2003.

Roger Davis, an actor in the film, notes that it was completed, but not shown until a broadcast on ABC in 1972. Davis: "[It was] written by the late guitar designer Allan Gittler (a.k.a. Avraham Bar Rashi,), directed by Floyd L. Petersen [sic], scored by [noted jazz arranger] Gil Evans, and also starred Natividad Abascal, Astrid Aanning, Martin J. Kelley, Bret Morrison, and the Boston garage band, The Bagatelle... was an avant-garde 'film fantasy' where Roger played the hero of a popular cigarette commercial campaign who happens to skydive. It was filmed in the summer of 1968 (beginning June 3) during Roger's short leave of absence from 'Dark Shadows'... ABC televised the movie in 1972, at the height of Roger's popularity on 'Alias Smith and Jones.' Since [the film] has gone ignored by IMDB and other web sources, here are some reflections provided by writer Gittler to 'Vintage Guitar' magazine in 2000: 'I had had enough of my career, and quit to ride my track bike through Central Park and write the script of my movie, 'Parachute to Paradise.' After the heartiness of 15 weeks of preproduction, casting the principal players and 200 extras, seven weeks of principal photography, writing the music, and seven months of editing and (doing) enormous publicity, a fallout with my producer relegated the production to a couple of cans in the laboratory vault.'"

Gittler's only film credit: guitarist in "Hold for Gloria Christmas," an episode of "Naked City" (Season 4, Episode 1, 1962).

Purple titled wrappers, with a credit for Gittler. Title page present, noted as "a film," with a credit for Gittler. 71 leaves, mimeograph duplication, with white revision pages throughout, dated variously between 3/11/68 and 3/20/68. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Very Good plus, bound with two gold brads.

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