Fast Workers

N.p. N.p., Circa 1933. Original dialogue notes for the 1933 Tod Browning film, "Fast Workers." Handwritten notes on two pages of legal-size notebook paper in holograph pencil, presumed to belong to one of the screenwriters for the film.

The notes are as follows, with several lines marked through in various places:

[First page]

Spike: What'd you do to her, when you found her?
Bucker: Down the hall, through the lobby; onto the sidewalk.
Alabam: Wasn't you pretty sick in your soul when you saw she was faithless?
Pinky: Yeah; he was broken hearted all that day, but he met a [illegible] that night and skies were blue again.

[Second page]

Bucker: You guys sure had me going last night, but it's all right now.
Gunner: It's okay now?
Bucker: But I sure spoiled that poor kid's evening...(as Gunner stares) that is, until she told me how you guys got her off the train at Atlantic City just to take them pictures for a joke.
Gunner: You see, we didn't know you were married.
Bucker: Yeah, it wasn't all my fault.

Gunner and Bucker work as riveters on a construction site. Bucker often has the urge to marry, and Gunner (a sort of wing man) will hit on Bucker’s girl to see if her intentions are true. One night, while Gunner is in indisposed, Bucker meets and falls for a tough woman named Mary. Mary only wants Bucker’s money, and Bucker doesn’t know that Mary knows Gunner. But Gunner knows all about Mary.

Loose legal-size notebook paper, 8 x 12.5 inches. The original "Wesco Tablet" wrapper is present, interior sheets now detached, though all are presumed present. The first page is foxed about halfway to the bottom edge,the second page has a large chip at the lower third, with the chipped piece present. Very Good overall.

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