The Picture of Dorian Gray

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1943. Complete script for the 1945 film, along with 41 vintage still photographs. Based on the 1890 novel by Oscar Wilde. Script is equivalent to a nearly 3-hour version of the classic film, finally released at a length of 110 minutes. Photographs break down to 14 reference photographs, 22 test photographs (Hurd Hatfield, Angela Lansbury, and Lowell Gilmore), and 1 snapshot size test photograph (Angela Lansbury).

A man has his portrait painted, and the portrait magically takes on the ability to absorb the sins of his debauched life while he remains unaged. The tale becomes a tragic warning against a selfish and unconsidered life, as Gray becomes increasingly paranoid that someone will discover the image of his true self. The painting of Dorian Gray was commissioned expressly for the film, by artist Ivan Le Lorraine Albright, and evolved during production. The piece is now at the Art Institute of Chicago. Winner of an Academy Award for Best Black-and-White Cinematography, and nominated for two others. Set in 19th century London.

Goldenrod studio wrappers, noted as COMPLETE on the front wrapper, rubber-stamped copy No. 69 and production No. 5069, dated 11-5-43, with credits for screenwriter director Lewin and producer Berman. Title page integral with the first page of the text. 166 leaves, mimeograph duplication, with white and pink revision pages throughout, dated variously between 8/23/43 and 3/7/44. Pages about Fine, wrapper Near Fine bound with two gold brads.

Still photographs all Near Fine or better.

Complete collation details available on request.

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