Archive of correspondence between director Samuel Fuller and Daniel Selznick regarding "The Eccentrics"

1968-1969. Two typed letters signed (one with cartoon illustration) and one autograph postcard signed from director Samuel Fuller to Daniel Selznick (along with a carbon of Selznick's reply). The letters make reference to "The Eccentrics" a project that Fuller had written a screenplay for and very nearly made. Fuller notes that Janet Leigh had replaced Jennifer Jones as the current lead for the film, and also makes mention of its original title, "The Mistress." The subsequent letter from Fuller addresses the legal trouble that would eventually shut down any possibility of the film being made.

Lisa Dombrowski notes: " the late 1960s Fuller wrote "The Eccentrics," a psychedelic melodrama set in a coastal hippie encampment and featuring interlocking romantic triangles, jealousy, betrayal, and multiple murders. ... The story concerns Sherry MacMasters, an untraditional Nobel Prize-winning author who is working on a book entitled 'Imagination is the Mistress of Riot.' For inspiration, MacMasters surrounds herself with artistic, unwashed youth who view her as a creative guru. ... By the end of the picture...she has difficulty distinguishing the real world from her dream world.

Two letters: 8.5 x 11 inches. Postcard: 5 x 7 inches (13 x 18 cm). Near Fine. [Book ID 134597].

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