Bug [The Hephaestus Plague]

Hollywood: William Castle Productions / Paramount Pictures, 1974. Revised Final Draft script for the 1975 film, "Bug," here under its working title, "The Hephaestus Plague." "Bug" in holograph pencil just below the title on the title page.

Based on Thomas Page's 1973 novel. James Parmiter (Dillman) is a mad scientist who discovers the presence of a bizarre strain of mutant cockroach emerging from the earth after a severe earthquake. Although larger than the average beetle, the most disturbing aspect of the critters is their innate ability to ignite fires with their bodies—a talent dramatically revealed after a few of the bugs crawl up a vehicle's tailpipe. When Dillman discovers that the creatures possess a group intelligence, he attempts to train and breed them.

Gimmick-horror auteur William Castle's final film, an entertaining throwback to the mutant-monsters of 1950s horror cinema.

Set in Riverside, California, and shot there on location.

Green titled wrappers, with die-cut window. Title page present, dated July 22, 1974, noted as Revised Final Draft, with credits for screenwriters Castle and Page. 111 leaves, with last page of text numbered 110. Mechanical duplication. Pages and wrapper Near Fine, bound internally with three gold brads.

Lentz US. Muir US.

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