Demon Seed

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1977. Vintage black-and-white still photograph from the 1977 film. Based on the 1973 novel by Dean R. Koontz.

British director Donald Cammell's most conventional film, which is not to say it is not incredibly strange and distrurbing. A super-computer named Proteus IV traps Julie Christie in her own home, with the intention of impregnating her with its seed to create a new life form. Cavett Binion of Rovi notes: "The film's theme of the computer's ominously pervasive role in human affairs—in this case forcing its way into our bodies as well as our lives—seems oddly prescient today. Christie's convincing performance makes the most of a role which has her shouting at the walls and ceiling for two-thirds of the movie."

8 x 10 inches. Fine.

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