Orchestra Rehearsal [Prova d'orchestra]

Rome: Daimo Cinematografica, 1978. Vintage borderless black-and-white double weight photograph of director Federico Fellini from the set of his 1978 film. With the stamp of photographer Pierluigi Praturlon on the verso. In this image, Fellini toys with the idea of learning the tympani while wearing a dust mask.

Born in Rome, Praturlon (better known simply as Pierluigi) embarked upon a career in photography in 1947. The young paparazzo got his first big story by snapping candid shots of Greta Garbo, who was passing through Rome incognito. Armed with his newfound celebrity, he became an habitue on Cinecitta film sets, and many movie icons, including Frank Sinatra and Sofia Loren, made him their regular photographer. Pierluigi’s name is often associated with Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita,” as he covered that shoot extensively.

7x 9.5 inches. Fine.

[Book #134997]

Price: $650.00