2001: A Space Odyssey

Beverly Hills, CA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [MGM], 1968. Vintage oversize borderless double weight black and white set design photograph from the 1968 film. Shown is a sample interior from the space station featured near the beginning of the film, the "Hilton" sign marking Kubrick's groundbreaking use of ordinary commerce in a futuristic context.

The director's sprawling, science fiction epic traces the evolution of human intelligence under the influence of an unspecified alien force. The film's high scientific accuracy, coupled with bleeding-edge special effects and minimal use of dialogue, make "2001" universally recognized as one of the most influential films ever made. Winner of an Academy Award for Best Special Effects, and nominated for three others including Best Director.

Set variously in the desert, in space, in deep space, and on the astral plane. Shot on location in Scotland, England, Arizona, and Utah.

11 x 14 inches. Near Fine.

National Film Registry.

[Book #135016]

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